Remodeling, renovating, retrofitting, refurbishing, upgrading-they all mean one thing - enriching. With porcelain, there are countless ways to enrich. The warm, rich colors of porcelain, the soft tactile feel of natural surfaces have a timeless appearance and can be used in almost any area.

Western Stone Series

A Natural Environment Enhances a Common Look

Available sizes are 6x6, 13x13 and 20x20. Mosaic sizes are 2x2, mounted on a 12x12 mesh sheet.

Gold Rush GI

Canyon City BG

Yukon Trail NO

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An unusual, charming and intimate look is the background on which you can play with classic or modern furniture.

The different sizes, 6x6, 13x13 and 20x20, can be combined in creative patterns on floor, walls and counter tops, choosing among three beautiful colors. Also Available is a 2x2 mosaic mounted on a 12x12 mesh and a 3x13 surface bullnose.

Waterfall Series

Amazon Rivers, Canadian Lakes and African Waterfalls reflect the most varied colours on stone,often rich in iridescent tones and rare beauty.

Available sizes are 6x6, 13x13 and 20x20. Mosaic sizes are 2x2, mounted on a 12x12 mesh sheet.

Brown Victoria

Green Iguassu

Beige Niagra

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Emilceramica has conjured up natural environments with water and rocks through Waterfalls, a porcelain tile with the look of slate for practical and suggestive wall and floor tiling offering a high aesthetic potential with a wide range of design and colour shadings that make each piece unique. Up-to-date sizes and matt surfaces cater to the modern needs of architects and designers, while the look of stone creates continuity between interior and exterior areas.

Prarie Stone Series

With Prairie Stone, Fabbrica del Vignola interprets F.L. Wright through the natural elements that distinguished his work by creating a line of slates with plain, elegant surfaces giving a highly natural, unique effect.

Grigio Jungla

Bruno Corteccia

Verde Foresta

Available sizes are 6x6, 12x12 and 12x24. Mosaic sizes are 1x2 and 2x2, both mounted on a 12x12 mesh sheet. Be sure to ask about the selection of available trim.

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Every colour is produced by blending
three different mixes prepared with different designs and tones on several pre-compacting lines and later mixed and rectified after firing.




3 Color Blend

2x2 Avorio

2x2 Dorato

2x2 Noce


1x2 Avorio

1x2 Dorato

1x2 Noce


Available sizes are 6x6, 13x13, 13x20, 20x20. Mosaic sizes are 1x2 and 2x2, mounted on a 12x12 mesh sheet.

The rich, warm colors of Italian Travertine. The soft tactile feel of natural surfaces worn smooth through the passage of centuries. These are the inspirations for the Etrusca series by Emilceramica.

Tuscany Mattone

Tuscany Noce

Tuscany Beige

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