The shades of Limestone ~ amber, cream, taupe and grey may be neutral, the effect is nothing but. From the rough, hand-split look of its surfaces, to its subtly beautiful palette of today's most wanted colors, limestone faithfully produces endless creative opportunities.

Jerusalem Gold
Desert Sand
Mystic Green w/ Glass
Jerusalem Gold w/ Glass
Philedelphia w/ Glass

The stone exhibited on this page is a very limited sample of our entire product line

Mocha Cream
Sea Grass
Desert Sun
St. Croix
Golden w/ Glass
Ivory w/ Glass

Natural variation ensures that no two tiles are exactly alike.

How does Limestone Form?

Sedimentary rock, such as limestone,is made of particles that have been carried along and deposited by wind and water. Sedimentary particles include bits of mud, sand, shells, bones, leaves and stems. Over time they become pressed together to form rocks.

Where can Limestone be used?

Limestone is extremely suited for today's active lifestyles. Limestone offers a more subtle, tactile look andis used for floors, counter tops and wall applications in bathrooms. Limestones can come polished but are often honed (given a matte finish), which offers the easiest maintenance of all natural surfaces.

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About the Natural Beauty of Natural Stone:

Stone is a product of nature and will exhibit color variation, graining differences and mineral streaks. Variation in hues, tonality, and appearance are normal and are to be expected. No two pieces are alike. Understanding these unique variations will give you a greater appreciation for the beauty of natural stone. Please take a moment and discover the traits that are most common with your favorite natural stone and discuss the traits with your design specialist to ensure you are comfortable with the characteristics prior to ordering. Photographic images cannot accurately represent the appearance of stone. Theses images are indications of the typical color, structure and appearance of each type in stock at the time the photo was taken. Samples in stock at the time of our receipt of your order may vary substantially. It is recommended that a current sample of the actual batch be obtained prior to ordering.