Master Bathroom floor warming retrofit (ZMesh was installed in floor joist space)

Heatizon's advanced floor heating and snow & ice melting systems are the perfect solution for:

  • Wood, tile and stone floors
  • Basement Heating
  • Building Entrances
  • Pedestrian Bridges
  • Handicap ramps
  • Elderly care facilities
  • Parking Ramps
  • Loading Docks
  • Nursery Floors
  • Roof De-Icing
Radiant Floor Heating

Installed directly under most floor covering, Heatizon System's radiant floor heating products provide simplified installation procedures and minimal impact upon other trades. ZMesh can be placed directly under hardwood flooring. Concrete is not required when using ZMesh, thereby reducing the structural loading and additional framing requirements.

Tuff cable can be embedded in concrete or mud bed

Staple ZMesh to plywood substrate and adhere tile directly or use cement board

Sitting room addition (ZMesh in mortar bed under slate as supplemental warming)

Snow melting system at office building entrance

Tuff Cable in Heat Sink Pan on existing shake shingles - Retrofits roof de-icing

Residential basement floor heating (ZMesh on top of concrete under carpet.)

Floor Warming

When floor warming is the objective, Heatizon products are used in conjunction with the primary heat source to provide warm inviting floors or supplemental heat. Small areas can be addressed very easily. Additionally, small areas that are not contiguous can be warmed with one standard control Unit simply by "jumpering" between areas thus decreasing component costs.

Snow Melting

Heatizon System's snow melting products are designed to be incorporated into small or large projects easily, cost effective and virtually maintenance-free. Heatizon's snow melting systems can address Class I, Class II, and CLass III ASHRAE melting requirements. Tuff Cable's versatility allows it to be incorporated into new concrete installations or to be retrofit into existing concrete or asphalt. Allow our Heatizon consultant to help in the design of a system to your project's specific requirements.

Roof De-Icing

Heatizon Systems' roof de-icing products have revolutionized the eave and valley ice meltingindustry. By developing products that are installed under roofing materials, Heatizon products provide an aesthetically acceptable long term solution.

Applications for Heatizon System roof de-icing products include:
~Eave de-icing -preventing ice-daming for most roof types.
~Preventing build-up of ice around roof drains or valleys

Products are easily incorporated under asphalt/shake/tile shingles, single-ply membrane, built-up or metal.

The Romans Invented It

Hydronics Improved It

Heatizon Perfected It

Contact your local consultant at Design Tile & Stone to find out how you can enjoy greater comfort and convenience through cost-effective radiant heat.

Whether you're building, remodeling, or interested in how your home or business can be retrofit with a system, we'll be happy to help.