The natural Origins of granite can be traced to the very center of the earth. It's no surprise, then, that granite is often found at the very core of the most refined interiors. Bold and uncompromising, granite makes a dramatic impression wherever it's used.

Jurassic Green
Mar Sevrizzo Monterosa
Golden Musk
Silver Sparkle
Victoria Brow
Santa Cecelia
Emerald Pearl

The stone exhibited on this page is a very limited sample of our entire product line

Blue Eyes
Giallo Veneziano
Amazon Blue
Ivory White
Tobacco Brown
Labrador Antique
Costa Esmerelda
Black Galaxy

Natural variation ensures that no two tiles are exactly alike.

What is Granite?

Granite is an Igneous rock which is formed from the hot, fluid magma that moves within the earth's crust. Magma that cools rapidly produces small crystals such as those found in Victoria Brown. Magma that cools slowly produces large crystals like the ones found in Amazon Blue.

Where can granite be used?

Granite is the most dense and scratch resistant of all natural stones and generally impervious to acids. For these reasons, granite is most often found in the kitchen but can also be used in exterior applications, such as outdoor Barbecues.

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About the Natural Beauty of Natural Stone:

Stone is a product of nature and will exhibit color variation, graining differences and mineral streaks. Variation in hues, tonality, and appearance are normal and are to be expected. No two pieces are alike. Understanding these unique variations will give you a greater appreciation for the beauty of natural stone. Please take a moment and discover the traits that are most common with your favorite natural stone and discuss the traits with your design specialist to ensure you are comfortable with the characteristics prior to ordering. Photographic images cannot accurately represent the appearance of stone. Theses images are indications of the typical color, structure and appearance of each type in stock at the time the photo was taken. Samples in stock at the time of our receipt of your order may vary substantially. It is recommended that a current sample of the actual batch be obtained prior to ordering.