Etching on tile and stone opens up a whole new avenue of decorating. Tile and stone murals are a great way to add artistic interest to flooring, counter tops, backsplashes, shower walls, fireplaces and even as framed art. Theres' no limit to the possible architectural and decorative applications of etched tile and stone.

Artful creations, personalized custom pieces, in a choice of unlimited colors, patterns and designs, each a work of exceptional beauty and skill. The very definition of a masterpiece.

Featuring creative tile designs for every decorative application. Available in a variety of stones, tile and glass surfaces and in a variety of sizes.

Created using a custom designed pattern for each tile and then sandblasting or etching the surface to reveal the design. Deep etched designs are visually striking and three dimensional. Each a unique piece of art.

Engraved, etched, sand blasted or stencil cut, the varieties are endless and the beauty of the process is in the fine detail and repeatability of the design motifs. Any art can be reproduced with this process, just ask your Design Tile consultant.

~ Glass and Wood Doors ~
For the Pantry, Wine Cellar, Shower Enclosure, Game Room or Study. To add the final touch of individuality, why not include a custom crafted design made just for you?