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~ Beauty in the Details ~
It's all about your lifestyle, your personality.  It's about having a home that reflects your tastes,
and functions in harmony with how you live.  You'll have a home that is uniquely yours in every detail.
Design Tile & Stone is committed to bringing you the very best
selection at the most affordable prices possible. With our incredible collection, you're sure to be
pulled in many directions before you finally decide on your design, but it's easy to achieve the
vision you have for your space with your Design Tile & Stone design consultant.  The pride we
take in the creation of your project shows in the quality experience you will enjoy as our valued

Design Tile & Stone's color experts carefully blend new trends
with classic styles in all our product lines.  Whether you want to mix and match your own
patterns and colors, or would like to tap into our 40+ combined years of design experience, our
professionalism and  virtually endless resources are at your complete disposal.  Gather ideas as
you click through the following pages and get ready to add timeless style and value to your home.

There's nothing wrong with doing it alone.  But, with so many decisions to make, you may  want
to stick with the fun stuff and leave the hard work to the experts.  They can help you  watch out  
for structural considerations and other potential setbacks you may not have  noticed.  This kind of
foresight not only affects your design, but can have a great impact on  your wallet by helping you
avoid expensive problems.  Our design specialists can help you create the perfect space you've  
always wanted ~ from the early planning stages, through the entire selection process, including
the design and layout, to custom drawings, right down  to the detailed installation, working
closely with your contractor to ensure your visions become reality.

Options abound.  Mix and match, choose the right combinations
to suit your style. With Design Tile & Stone's unmatched collection of options, you can maximize
every square foot of space in your design. There are as many different kinds of tile as there are
individuals, and yours should reflect your own personal style. And Design Tile & Stone's design  
specialists make it easy to bring these ideas to life.  If you don't see what you are looking for  here
or in our showroom, just ask ~ we offer countless options.
Design Tile
& Stone, Inc.
We are here to serve you
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