Breccia Paradiso
The visual and tactile appeal of marble naturally evokes creative inspiration.  That's because its many colors,
shapes, textures and sizes can be used in endless combinations.  The result- myriad opportunities to grace an
architectural or design project with a style not to be found anyplace else.  The most beautiful homes, the most
distinguished businesses, the most elegant gathering places, all are enhanced by the warmth and serenity of marble.
Verde Troy
Crema Marfil
Giallo Antico Lt
Sky Blue
Rain Forest
Rosso Levanto
Emprador Lt
French Vanilla
Creating true harmony in the home takes commitment and
meticulous attention to detail, but the results are worth every effort.
The stone exhibited on this page is a very limited sample of our entire product line
Marble is the material of choice for builders and
homeowners alike.  Polished to a mirror like
finish, it captures the beauty and brilliance of
the natural stone.

Marble, limestone and travertine are durable
and have been used in building interiors and
exteriors for thousands of years.
Red Onyx
Marble, Limestone, Travertine and onyx are
organic stones.  Chemically similar-all
calcium based-they were formed directly or
indirectly from material that was once living.  
Limestone is formed underwater from
deposits of shells.  Over millions of years,
this residue builds up and compresses under
its own mass and by geologic action.  Most
marble is compressed limestone.  On dry
land, groundwater passes through fields of
limestone and collects calcium.  Travertine is
formed in hot springs of calcium-rich water
that rapidly evaporates in shallow pools,
gradually building up layers of solid calcite.  
Onyx forms from cold, calcium-rich water
that slowly evaporates in underground caves.
Bombay Green
Rain Forest
Crema Marfil 1x1
Cafe' Forest
Cafe' Forest
Tumbled Mosaic
Emprador Dark
About the Natural Beauty of Natural Stone
Stone is a product of nature and will exhibit color variation, graining differences and mineral streaks. Variation in hues, tonality, and
appearance are normal and are to be expected. No two pieces are alike. Understanding these unique variations will give you a
greater appreciation for the beauty of natural stone.  Please take a moment and discover the traits that are most common with your
favorite natural stone and discuss the traits with your design specialist to ensure you are comfortable with the characteristics prior to
ordering.  Photographic images cannot accurately represent the appearance of stone. Theses images are indications of the typical
color, structure and appearance of each type in stock at the time the photo was taken.  Samples in stock at the time of our receipt of
your order may vary substantially.  It is recommended that a current sample of the actual batch be obtained prior to ordering.
It's all about your lifestyle, your personality, it's about having a home that reflects your
tastes and functions in harmony with how you live.  At Design Tile & Stone, it's all about you.
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