While natural stone has naturally stand-alone beauty, the addition of decorative elements such as glass
moldings, metal accents and edges can make a dramatic difference.  For most people, this is where the real
fun begins ~ carefully selecting the special options that will truly make your space unique.  You'll want to mix
and match, pick and choose until you find the perfect combination of accents to meet your individual wants.  
And while you'll see many options featured here, we can't possibly show you everything available.
If you're looking to take a home design from typical to talked-about, our micro mosaic liners are the
answer. The perfect accent to interior finishes for natural stone and porcelain tile.  At Design Tile &
Stone, we're committed to bringing you the very best selection at the most affordable prices possible.
Our striking assortment of decorative tiles created to
accent our natural stone line are a perfect choice for
those who wish to achieve that old-world look.
The look of stone ~ timeless,
varied and beautiful, lending
stature and conveying an image
of quality.  Now more than ever,
it complements fine architecture
across the land.
Blending different design elements is a great way to create a unique look.  In an age where creativity is
encouraged, many architects, designers and builders are creating award winning projects by doing just so.
Beauty is in the details.  It's all about your
lifestyle, your personality,  It's about having
a home that reflects your taste and
functions in harmony with how you live.  
At Design Tile & Stone, it's all about you.
Design Tile
& Stone, Inc.